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Mobile Ag Datacenter

Ford F-150 Enables Farmers with Datacenter + Azure Stack Edge

2021 Ford F-150 Pro Power onboard generator + a Trailer + Azure Stack Edge + Honda Pioneer 500 ATV + equipped with Green Atlas Cartographer + SoilOptix Digital Top Soil Mapping System + Smart Guided Systems Permanent Crop Analyzer = "Mobile Ag Datacenter"

Datacenter Breakdown:

The truck not only acts as a means for transporting equipment to grower locations but it allows us to complete the process of bringing on-farm solutions to growers. The 2021 Ford F-150 3.5L Powerboost™ V6 hybrid engine comes with a class exclusive ProPower Onboard that allows to use our truck as a mobile generator to power data processing units in remote locations, all from a smartphone.

Azure Edge computing from Microsoft then allows us to provide growers with actionable insights from the ATV-based IoT solutions by acting as a cloud storage gateway to enable large data transfers. Azure Stack Edge makes a portfolio of the devices used so that quick and actionable insights can be made directly where the data is processed.  

The Honda Pioneer 500 ATV is the vehicle of choice to attach all three of our partners image processing systems. With the Green Atlas Cartographer placed on the back, the SoilOptix Digital Top Soil Mapping System horizontally placed on the front bumper, and the Smart Guided System Permanent Crop Analyzer elevated by a 90 degree brace on the front of the ATV. (Detailed information about each product in second half of page)

Mounted ATV Systems


The Green Atlas Cartographer helps growers manage the life cycle of their crop by quickly (~30mph) counting flowers/fruit and accurately mapping them over entire orchards. 

The SoilOptix Digital Top Soil Mapping System changes the game of precision agriculture by providing an affordable soil analysis system that provides high definition soil maps so growers can better understand their crop.

The Smart Guided Systems Permanent Crop Analyzer allows growers to count the number of trees, categorize trees by size, asses canopy volume per tree, provides as applied (spray maps), and estimates the percent of chemical savings. 

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