Visualizing Unrealized Potential To Create a Better Economic Outcome For Growers

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Consolidated data aggregation from Ag imagery & IoT sensors is the fundamental competency to properly inform and improve growing practices

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Data analysis of crop loads and farm inputs inform leading-edge algorithms that reduce risks by providing actionable insights that clearly identify inputs related to a better economic outcome for growers

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Visualization is where we make the data come to life for anyone on & off-farm through relatable maps

Green Atlas Cartographer

The Green Atlas Cartographer is an innovative combination of hardware and software that allows flower and fruit counts to be quickly and accurately mapped over entire orchards. With high resolution AI assisted mapping, our customers know every block and every tree, to help manage the life cycle from flower to fruit.

20% Improved Labor Efficiencies 

SoilOptix Top Soil Mapping

Offering much more than traditional soil measurement practices, SoilOptix® delivers the highest definition and most detailed field nutrient maps obtainable today. This empowers growers to make the best decisions for management and soil stewardship. SoilOptix® is your best choice, because every square foot is unique.

Over 25 layers available. Micro & Macro Nutrients.

335 points/acre. Highest definition.

Mapped Views


Assigning Thinning Labor Using Cluster & Fruit Counts

Visualize the highest degree of cluster & fruit counts throughout the block allowing you to navigate employees to area’s that will inevitably take more time and energy.


Irrigation Planning

Through the use of SoilOptix we are able to determine soil types and nutrient availability that empower you to better manage your irrigation scheduling. 

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Quantify number of clusters distributed on trees, the size of fruit, density of the canopy and leaf-area to inform growers where labor should be focused or how much thinning should occur.

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Nutrient Optimization

Establish relationship between soil variables including texture, pH, micro/macro nutrients VS. yield- size & count.

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Based on total fruit, size, and color we are able to show growers where to focus labor and how much fruit is expected for harvest.

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Missing Trees & Pollinator Distribution

Preferably done in the off season we are able to use Green Atlas to identify pollinator distribution at a customizable range that meets the growers preference. 

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Bin Placement & Estimates

Based on fruit size and quantity we are able to predict how many bins are needed for a given block and where to place them based on fruit density.

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Shade Cloth Distribution

Based on tree canopy density and height we are able to identify potential problem areas that are susceptible to sun burn and colorization flaws. 

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Our Focus is partnered with Microsoft to enable growers to make informed on and off-farm management decisions based on machine learning and AI-based insights. Our solutions leverage the agronomist expertise of PhD researchers from land-grant universities and ag-centric colleges; pairing mutual data sources, big data capabilities and machine learning tools with grower expertise and experience.

Our primary focus is permanent crops, as labor availability & efficiency is a significant industry challenge, often representing 60% of growers' costs.  In 2020 we piloted a Smart Orchard project with the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission & Washington State University, where we've applied our data aggregation & data science capabilities to provide growers with insights focused on the bottom line.  As we head into 2021 growing season, we've been commissioned to expand to a second Smart Orchard site, while also introducing our base crop count imaging capabilities to orchard & vineyard growers.

In 2021 we announced our Food Resiliency project in Snohomish County.  This project leverages leading-edge private connectivity & edge computing, which powers IoT sensors collecting soil, weather, water, & imagery data; all focused on enabling growers to take actionable decisions that optimize inputs while obtaining increased yield quality & quantity.


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