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innov8.ag is partnered with Microsoft to enable growers to make informed on and off-farm management decisions based on machine learning and AI-based insights. Our solutions leverage the agronomist expertise of PhD researchers from land-grant universities and ag-centric colleges; pairing mutual data sources, big data capabilities and machine learning tools with grower expertise and experience.


Our current focus is permanent crops, as labor availability & efficiency is a significant industry challenge, often representing 60% of growers' costs.  We're currently piloting a Smart Orchard project with the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission & Washington State University, where we're applying our data aggregation & data science capabilities to provide growers with insights focused on the bottom line.  We’re already starting to see opportunities for cost savings and environmental conservation that can benefit growers everywhere.

Our Offerings


Daily insights summaries for your crews, categorized by:

  • Irrigation

  • Chemical Applications

  • Pest Management

  • Equipment Positioning & Utilization

Nano-Climate Measurements

innov8.ag include's nano-climate measurements and notifications for agriculture, enabling growers to understand weather across their acreage, including potential impact and implications. This information informs growers in prioritizing and fine-tuning planned resourcing (labor, chemicals, water, and equipment) to manage the growing cycle. This can be as simple as showing wind state/predictions to more complex determinations such as when it's viable to spray crops or weeds. It also includes frost warning notifications so staff can activate warming systems. Even more complex predictions are possible from data-mined information that includes triggers on when to water or thin based on current and historical satellite imagery, soil moisture/temperature, and market pricing. 

Data Consolidation

Data consolidation enables growers to better visualize their disparate data sets and to understand more value through data interrelation combined with data portability—enabling growers to enjoy more autonomy when dealing with suppliers.

Data Repacking

Data repacking enables growers to reuse their consolidated data for reporting to government agencies, insurers, and tasking semi-autonomous equipment.

Meet One-on-One:

If you have any questions about our capabilities or would simply like to talk about the implications of AgTech, feel free to sign up for a meeting with our CEO, Steve Mantle or our Ag Consultant, Bailey Bromiley. Click the "Powered By Calendly" banner in the top right corner to find a time that suits you.

  • Imagery Analysis with GreenAtlas
    Thu, Jan 21
    GreenAtlas Webinar
    Jan 21, 4:00 PM PST
    GreenAtlas Webinar
    Join us for this exciting webinar revolved around a newly formed relationship between innov8.ag and GreenAtlas where we discuss state of the arch imagery analysis that can help inform growers about growth stages, pests, irrigation, and crop yields for apples, nuts, and grapes.
  • How to Gain Detailed Views of Your Farm's Soil Quality
    Time is TBD
    Teralytic Webinar
    Time is TBD
    Teralytic Webinar
    Want to hear personally from the creators of the worlds first wireless NPK sensor? Join innov8.ag and Teralytic's discussion on sensors reporting soil moisture, salinity, and NPK at three different depths, as well as aeration, respiration, air temperature, light, and humidity.
  • Saving on Chemical Usage with SmartGuide Systems
    Time is TBD
    SmartGuide Systems Webinar
    Time is TBD
    SmartGuide Systems Webinar
    Join us for this exciting Webinar discussing how the use of SmartGuided Systems Smart Sprayer allows growers to reduce pesticide use by 47-73%. Learn more on how our company's data integrates with equipment like this to save growers money on chemical usage, labor, and overall saves valuable time!
  • Targeting the Active Root Zone to Improve Crop Health
    Time is TBD
    AquaSpy Webinar
    Time is TBD
    AquaSpy Webinar
    innov8.ag's deeper dive into how monitoring water usage through AquaSpy's probes can increase yields by 10-40%, and inevitably saving money on labor and water. Being able to make precise irrigation decisions easily relieves stress on the grower and helps them "listen to the crop."
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