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This page contains sign-up forms for upcoming webinars and even video recordings from past webinars that you may have missed out on. Feel free to download past recordings and contact us if you have any questions or recommendations for Webinars!

Upcoming Webinars with Smart Orchard Partners

Thu, Dec 03
Sentek & AgriNET Webinar
Measuring & Managing Soil Moisture Data
"Some of the best performing farms use our technology"-Sentek. Welcome to's collaborative experience with Sentek, AgriNET, and local growers to discuss how to interpret soil moisture data and adjust irrigation length/duration.
Thu, Dec 10
Davis Instruments Webinar
Tracking Site-Specific Weather with Davis Instruments
Thousands of Davis weather stations are operating around the world and they attest to the importance of having sensors and data collected for weather management purposes in order to inform growers with their day to day decisions.
Thu, Dec 17
AquaSpy Webinar
Targeting the Active Root Zone to Improve Crop Health's deeper dive into how monitoring water usage through AquaSpy's probes can increase yields by 10-40%, and inevitably saving money on labor and water. Being able to make precise irrigation decisions easily relieves stress on the grower and help's them "listen to the crop."
Thu, Jan 14
Meter Group Webinar
Micro-Climates with Meter Group is presenting a webinar dedicated to the importance of understanding micro-climates with Meter Group. This webinar will discuss the implications of having data around the micro-climates of your orchard or vineyard to better inform management and labor decisions.
Time is TBD
Teralytic Webinar
How to Gain Detailed Views of Your Farm's Soil Quality
Want to hear personally from the creators of the worlds first wireless NPK sensor? Join's and Teralytic's discussion on sensors reporting soil moisture, salinity, and NPK at three different depths, as well as aeration, respiration, air temperature, light, and humidity.
Time is TBD
SmartGuide Systems Webinar
Saving on Chemical Usage with SmartGuide Systems
Join us for this exciting Webinar discussing how the use of SmartGuided Systems Smart Sprayer allows growers to reduce pesticide use by 47-73%. Learn more on how our company's data integrates with equipment like this to save growers money on chemical usage, labor, and overall saves valuable time!
Time is TBD
GreenAtlas Webinar
Imagery Analysis with GreenAtlas
Join us for this exciting webinar revolved around a newly formed relationship between and GreenAtlas where we discuss state of the arch imagery analysis that can help inform growers about growth stages, pests, irrigation, and crop yields for apples, nuts, and grapes.

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