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Data & AI Agtech Meetup

About the Event:

This meet up is posted on our webinar page for the convenience of sing ups, but mind you this is not a webinar but rather an opportunity for people to meet each other "face to face." Whether you're a grower, advisor, academia, tech provider, or even someone just curious about the topic, feel free to join us for this open discussion with experts that work directly in the field.  Continue reading to learn more about our guest panelists from KPMG, Loftus Labs, and Allan Brothers, Inc.'s role in the agriculture industry is to enable growers to make informed on and off-farm management decisions based on machine learning and AI-based insights. Our solutions leverage the agronomist expertise of PhD researchers from land-grant universities and ag-centric colleges; pairing mutual data sources, big data capabilities and machine learning tools with grower expertise and experience.


Harnessing this data into a consolidated dashboard can then be applied to a growers everyday practices to inform them how to better manage their resources like irrigation, chemical usage, micro & macro climates, and even how all of this ties back into the effort and cost of labor.


As an agtech company that primarily functions on the power of Data & AI from IoT solutions, we found that it'd be important to bring growers, tech providers, academia, agribusiness leaders, and data scientists to openly discuss and share the importance that these tools bring to the ag industry. So join us to learn more and ask those burning questions around the Data & AI landscape in Ag.

About the Guest:

David Guthrie- KPMG Canada, National Agribusiness Sector Leader

David is a Partner in KPMG's Enterprise practice with a focus on agribusiness, food processing, manufacturing and not-for-profit clients. Based in the Fraser Valley, David is the National Agribusiness Leader for Canada. His clients include dairy and poultry farms, horticulture/nurseries, field crops, food processors, marketing boards, as well as other owner-managed business and not-for-profit organizations. David is a past-director of the BC Food & Beverage Association, Chilliwack Mt. Cheam Rotary Club and Chilliwack Children's Foundation.


Dan Maycock- Principal of Engineering & Analysis, Loftus Labs

Every company has data that isn’t maximized for its business value. The key isn’t to build data models or analyses for the sake of it though, but to tie it to business value and help the user solve a problem, or get support on a critical decision.  Dan has worked with companies of all kinds to help provide useful data to owners, operators, and front line employees, focusing specifically on agribusinesses the past several years after a long career working for companies such as Boeing & Amazon.

Currently, Dan Works at Loftus Labs which is a data consulting company that provides meaningful data driven solutions to agribusiness customers across Washington state and beyond.


Michael Moore- Director of Analytics at Allan Brothers, Inc.

Michael has worked in the software engineering industry for the past 25 years, where he built and managed many large scale services and specialized in debugging, performance, capacity, monitoring and diagnostics. Michael spent 17 years at Microsoft as the Sr. Operations Program Manager and cloud solutions developer. Since then he has slowed things down in the corporate world to turn his attention to precision agriculture – "If I can monitor 10’s of thousands of machines why can't I do the same for individual plants/trees."  This inspired Michael to start an agriculture monitoring business using drones and multispectral sensors to identify issues in tree fruit. Currently he works with Allan Bros Fruit as the Director of Analytics where he's been building the new generation of data driven agriculture technology.

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