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Soil Moisture and Irrigation Automation with AgriNET

About the Event:

Welcome to our very first webinar. This webinar is focused around our collaborative work with AgriNET, also known as Tuctronics. We've had the opportunity to work closely with this company ever since the beginning of and we'd like to share the implications of collecting data relating to soil moisture and irrigation automation that help better manage growers water usage and labor cost's.  Introducing cutting edge technology in AgriNET's newest product, AutoWATER!

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 11.31.51 AM.png

About the Guest:

Todd Tucker- Tuctronics since 2009 • Computer Science • CWU

Todd is a 4th-generation dryland wheat farmer with 17 years of experience in Eastern Washington. His passion includes working with growers and learning valuable techniques, while furthering research.  Mission: newest tech to ag market in shortest amount of time.


Jeff Tucker- CEO Tuctronics • Computer Science • Electrical Engineering

College of Agriculture WSU

Jeff grew up working on a wheat farms, and even studied at University of Idaho while working on potato tissue culture. He provided the first commercial tissue culture based potato seed in Northern Idaho. 

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