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Connectivity Agtech Meetup

About the Event:

Watch this open discussion dedicated to connectivity. We brought together the same panelists from our Rural Connectivity Webinar and allowed anyone to freely talk to one another about their issues and interests around connectivity. 

Due to the importance and high interest of this topic we've decided to have an open discussion dedicated to connectivity. This meet up is posted on our webinar page for the convenience of sing ups, but mind you this is not a webinar but rather an opportunity for people to meet each other "face to face."

About the Guest:

Andrew Nelson- Grower at Nelson Wheat is proud to work alongside Andrew Nelson who is a grower and is also on our Advisory Board. Andrew, a fifth generation farmer in the Palouse Region of Eastern Washington farms 9,000 acres of dryland wheat with his brother Bruce Nelson, his wife, and two sons. Hear personally from Andrew on how he's stuggled with connectivity and the alternatives that he's taken to better manage his farm.

Prior to Andrew continuing on with the family tradition, he was a software consultant in the Seattle area and led many software teams in developing solutions for multiple Fortune 100 companies. Receiving a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington has provided him with extensive knowledge both in technical and business management skills. This not only allows Andrew to successfully continue his career as a farmer but also in consulting as a software developer.


Scott Waller- CEO and Co-founder of Thingy, LLC

Scott has over 25 years in Networking and Telecommunications. Spent 10 years at Microsoft as an Architect and then 14 years at Cisco in Engineering, Sales, and Senior Leadership; leading teams to over $500MM in annual sales to the Microsoft and Amazon accounts. Outside of the day job he was a volunteer Firefighter for 10 years and has been a volunteer ski patroller for 17 years now. He's always applied technology to these life-safety and first responder activities and has developed a number of programs for Avalanche safety and wildfire detection.

The wildfire sensor was what started Thingy IOT, now a leader in LoRaWAN networks. Thingy IOT is an Integrator, Developer, and Consultant in all things LP-WAN solving the challenges of connectivity in Environmental monitoring and Agriculture.

Scott decided to leave Cisco in late 2019 to dedicate my time to growing Thingy IOT and LoRaWAN networks in the US markets.


Todd Brandenburg- President and CEO of PocketiNet

Todd Brandenburg is an accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 35 years of success in the telecom, engineering - IP/video services, wide area network, surveillance, and security industries. Leveraging extensive experience in administration of radio station groups and broadcast engineering, he is a valuable asset for mid-cap and startup tech-related companies entering a new market built around the Internet, product development, funding, and finance. His broad areas of expertise include executive leadership, P&L, budget responsibility, financial and business model strategy, strategic development and implementation of highly technical products and services, and development of teams.

Throughout his executive career, Todd has held leadership positions at PocketiNet Communications and Bridge Broadcasting. He is the President and CEO of PocketiNet, a regional telecom company that he founded. Technologies and services include construction and operation of Fiber Optic Networks in multiple areas, Active Ethernet, GPON, Fixed Wireless, Dedicated Microwave, VDSL, VOIP via AWS Cloud Phone service, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Networks, Home Automation and Security Services, Video Surveillance systems, Managed WiFi and Routing services, as well as video streaming services. PocketiNet is unique in that it has built its infrastructure in methodical ways over the years to grow capacity and customer base in response to customer need.  Todd has enjoyed building the company and its team over the years including the development of new products while continuing to innovate. Prior to starting PocketiNet, Todd was the Vice President of Bridge Broadcasting, a local three radio station group company. In that role, he oversaw the development of markets in radio advertising for many Eastern Washington cities.

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