Our Smart Orchard Pilot


Washington State's Tree Fruit Research Commission asked innov8.ag to lead a smart orchard project in collaboration with researchers from WSU & OSU at Chiawana Orchards. Our goal is to "sensorize" a orchard from multiple hardware providers, bringing together growers, data, and researchers to create a sustainable, "smart" orchard with insights that impact growers' bottom lines.

Our Approach

• Learn capabilities of modern orchard decision making with basic AI and Data Analytics

• Shift grower decision making process to enable management decisions based on unified data, and 'smart management'

• Help growers better manage their water usage, labor, equipment, and chemical usage

• Enable growers to better understand weather and climate change to make precise, informed decisions.

Our Goals

• Integrating data provided by a ecosystem sensors and data providers

• Provide consolidated data warehousing to collect & consolidate data, leveraging Microsoft Farmbeats for efficiencies thru API data interchanges

• Provide regular insights and analyses of integrated data

• Provide consolidated raw access to data

Data types to consider:







Crop Health



Sensor Providers:

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 1.05.54 PM.png

Aqua Spy

  • Soil moisture monitoring 

Meter Group

  • Atmos 41 micro climate weather

  • Atmos 14 in-canopy weather

  • Teros 21   soil water potential

  • Phytos 31 leaf wetness

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 5.17.20 PM.png

Davis Instruments

  • Vantage Pro2 micro climate weather

  • 6830 in-canopy temperature & humidity

  • EnviroMonitor Gateway & Node

Smart Guided Systems

  • Lidar-based sprayer

  • Canopy & tree mapping


  • ANTHA in-canopy weather

  • Sentek soil moisture probes

  • Irrigation pressure sensors

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