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The 5G Open Innovation Lab announced the opening of it's First Application Development Field Lab for the agricultural industry. The goal of this operation is to provide access to real-time data for food resiliency and supply chain logistics. The Food Resiliency Project, an economic development initiative funded by a grant through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), establishes a virtual and physical space for Snohomish County to bring together food growers, and distributors with technology companies to collaboratively develop new capabilities that will improve the resiliency of Snohomish County’s agriculture sector and minimize future food service disruptions for consumers and regional agribusiness.

A global ecosystem of developers, start-ups, enterprises, academia and government institutions working together with start-ups to fuel the development of new 5G & edge compute capabilities, use cases and market categories that will transform the way we work, live and play, both now and in the future.

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Farm Locations

The two agriculture sites operating in Snohomish County are:  Swans Trail Farms, a retail farm and event venue featuring apple orchards, strawberry fields, a pumpkin patch and corn maze; and Andrew’s Hay, Inc., a commercial grower and supplier of premium feed for horses, cattle, livestock and seed crops. IoT applications include soil sensors measuring temperature, volumetric water content, oxygen levels and photosynthetic radiation, as well as supply chain and logistics tracking of food from farm-to-table to ensure safety and security.

"We have never had very good connectivity and it has been an issue for many rural areas around Washington State. Connectivity is something that many people take for granted where we have struggled with it through the years. Everything we do is through a low broadband hotspot or dish network. This makes bringing any sort of technology to Swans Trail Farms almost impossible unless we have the connectivity needed."

Nate Krause

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"In order for the American farmer to survive, we have to improve our efficiencies in our operations. We have to figure out a way to produce more food on less acres"

Andrew Albert

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