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Addressing Soil Acidity Challenges: Lime and Calcium Remediation in Row Crops

About the Event:

Growers are increasingly facing soil acidification after years of Ammonium Nitrate buildup. Hear first-hand from independent CCA Trevor Thornton & grower Spokane Hutterian on how they're on track to improve yields by rebalancing their soil & pH levels.

About the Guest:

Agronomy talk to be led by Trevor Thornton P.Ag, CCA

Trevor grew up on a farm near Oakville MB. After graduating with a BSc(Ag) from the University of Manitoba with a crop protection major, Trevor worked for various consultancy and ag retail companies before moving back into consulting in 2002 by starting Crop Care Consulting. His team works with potatoes and grain production in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Northwest Ontario. He has been doing variable rate work and research since the fall of 2002, and is constantly evaluating fertility programs by running field trials and trying new ideas and products. 

Steve Mantle- CEO,

Steve is the founder of, a Walla Walla Washington-based agtech startup and Microsoft-partnered company. Prior to embarking on the startup, Steve spent 12 years at Microsoft where he most recently focused on Microsoft’s fastest growing product line, Azure Cloud. His leadership skills contributed to growing Azure from a $100M to a $10B+/year business over 6 years. After his time spent at the Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, Steve decided to relocate his family of four to Walla Walla, Washington, in the summer of 2018. He envisions this location as the perfect base for ag startups given the convergence of progressive farmers and three colleges with strengths in agriculture, engineering, science, established ag manufacturers, strong connectivity providers, and a highly collaborative business climate.  An Australian by birth, Steve has his MBA from the University of Washington.


Caleb Pan- Data Scientist,

Caleb Pan is a local Spokane resident that has a B.S. and M.S. in Geology and a PhD in Systems Ecology. With experience and skills in machine learning, remote sensing, and geospatial analysis, Caleb's data skills will help provide growers with a timely analysis of our offerings. As other employees like Brent and Kayla conduct ATV Orchard runs we'll be able to relay the data to Caleb for analysis. Caleb gives the resources and skills to help growers better manage their resources in a timely manner.

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