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Field Day Live Demos from GUSS Automation & Smart Apply, Inc.

Collaborative experience for growers, researchers, industry workers, students, tech providers and anyone interested in learning more

Automation in agriculture is critical to solving labor shortages, data collection, and actioning data for improved efficiencies and outcomes for growers. We’re excited to have Guss Automation with Papé & Smart Apply, Inc with RDO Equipment run working demo's at the upcoming Smart Orchard New Technologies Field Day at Washington Fruit's Grandview orchard, hosted by, WSU, WTFRC.

The New Technologies field day is designed for participants to learn more about the Smart Orchard's progression while having the opportunity to better understand available technologies in the Ag Industry. Hear presentations from project tech providers, AgAID intern projects, & visit booths from the 12+ guest companies.

  • For more information on the Smart Orchard Tech Providers- CLICK HERE

  • For more information on the Guest Companies- CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Due to unprecedented heat, we have decided to merge the Aug. 3rd Spanish field day into the Aug. 2nd Field Day. Meaning only one field day on August 2nd from 9:00am-12:30pm. Please arrive around 8:30 am to check in.

Updated Schedule

  • 8:30-8:55am: Sign in, name tags, coffee & pastry in the field

  • 9:00-9:10am: Steve Mantle & Jenny Bolivar- Field Day Introductions

  • 9:10-9:36am: Technology Reps & Introductions

  • 9:36-9:45am: AgAID Interns Cap Stone Presentations (Mia Hargrave & Josh Bailey)

  • 9:45-9:50am: Booth Orientation

  • 9:50-10:25am: All Participants booth time & networking

  • 10:25-10:30am: Overview, Group Splits for live demos

  • 10:30-11:30am: LIVE DEMOS from GUSS Automation & Smart Apply, Inc.

  • 11:30am-12:00pm: Networking & Refreshment

  • 12:00pm: Closing & Event Teardown


GUSS- Autonomous Sprayers Increasing efficiency, precision, and safety — to better feed a growing world. GUSS uses proven, dependable parts that growers know and trust. Decades of experience in the spraying business allows GUSS to choose only the best components for their machines. GUSS uses a sophisticated combination of GPS, LiDAR, vehicle sensors, and proprietary software to move through orchards without an onboard operator. Recent advances have made GPS technology incredibly accurate, but it still doesn’t work well under tree canopies — where GUSS spends much of its time. They developed several additional technologies, vehicle sensors, and software to supplement GPS and guide GUSS safely and efficiently through orchards. Increase precision and efficiency as well as lower material costs. Select Spray™ detects the desired tree and sprays the specific amount of material needed to properly cover every tree, regardless of height or canopy size. This reduces material usage as well as material drift during application.

GUSS Partnership with John Deere:

GUSS Automation is has recently announced the joint venture formed with Deere & Company. Together, they are committed to investing in innovation and technology to help increase productivity, efficiency and profitability for farmers worldwide.

  • A solution to labor challenges- A single employee can operate up to eight GUSS sprayers at a time from the comfort and safety of a pickup truck using a laptop computer.

  • Increase efficiency- Spray orchards more quickly and consistently, using fewer resources and reducing costs by eliminating operator error and downtime.

  • Ultimate precision- Precisely control application rates and sprayer speeds across entire fields and in variable terrain with GUSS adjustable software parameters.

  • Enhance safety- GUSS eliminates the chance for operators to be exposed to the materials being applied and reduces the need for personal protective equipment, shade, potable water, etc.

Watch this video to learn more about GUSS and how it works CEO- Steve Mantle talks about GUSS Automation Mini in Washington State and its huge potential to collect data.


Smart Apply- Intelligent Spray Control System

Choose Smart. Yield More.- With the precise and easy-to-use Smart-Apply® Intelligent Spray Control System™ add-on kit for air blast sprayers, you’ll use fewer chemicals with better control and reliability for maximum profitability.

The Smart Apply Intelligent Spray Controlled System can be retrofitted and used on nearly any existing air blasting system, allowing the grower to utilize past investments in sprayers they already own. The main purpose around this system is the fact that conventional sprayers blanket the entire spray zone, whereas the Smart Apply Intelligent Sprayer can see the tree canopy with a single lens and targets it directly. When every penny counts, every tree is unique, and the use of chemicals can drastically change how much a grower spends, having a system that can identify the uniqueness of each tree and apply appropriate amounts of chemicals can heavily impact how much growers save each month. Not only does this spraying system apply chemicals precisely, it also eliminates pesticide drift to neighboring plants, reducing groundwater contamination and preserving ecosystems. Smart-Apply also helps growers maximize the health and longevity of their orchards by minimizing pesticide root damage due to over spraying.

John Deere & SmartGuided Systems Partnership:

SmartGuided Systems just recently signed a world wide partnership agreement with John Deere. John Deere saw the importance of utilizing equipment like this and the opportunity to bring these insights to high value crops around the world. Initially this partnership is exclusive to the U.S., Canada,

and Australia but will eventually give John Deere dealers their customers more opportunities to utilize technology to improve their growing practices. In the long term John Deere is aiming to integrate SmartApply into their own tractors to further integration in already existing customer equipment. To learn more from the John Deere perspective, CLICK HERE.

  • GROW WITH CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY- With Smart-Apply’s USDA-based, easy-to-use, density-based sprayer technology, you’ll cut your pesticide use by more than half, with less waste and higher yields than conventional sprayers, giving you maximum ROI and the confidence that you’re making the best use of your resources. Smart-Apply works with most any side air blast sprayer, so you can be confident it will be compatible with your existing system.

  • SUSTAIN THE ENVIRONMENT AND YOUR BUSINESS- Today’s consumer cares about the environment. With Smart-Apply’s precise application, you’ll eliminate pesticide drift to neighboring plants, reducing groundwater contamination and preserving ecosystems. Smart-Apply also helps you maximize the health and longevity of your orchards by minimizing pesticide root damage due to overspraying.

  • HAVE CONFIDENCE THAT YOU'VE MADE THE SMART CHOICE- You can’t afford downtime. You need a reliable system that’s created with the industry’s best components. With the Smart-Apply Intelligent Spray Control System add-on kit for air blast sprayers, you’ll know your crops are protected, now, and in the future.

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