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Thu, Dec 10


Davis Instruments Webinar

Tracking Site-Specific Weather with Davis Instruments

Thousands of Davis weather stations are operating around the world and they attest to the importance of having sensors and data collected for weather management purposes in order to inform growers with their day to day decisions.

Watch on Demand at our Webinar's Page! Or click the link in the description below.
Tracking Site-Specific Weather with Davis Instruments
Tracking Site-Specific Weather with Davis Instruments

Time & Location

Dec 10, 2020, 4:00 PM PST

Davis Instruments Webinar

About the event

Watch Webinar on Demand!

Learn more about the importance of collecting data for site-specific weather. Participating in this webinar will allow the viewer to hear from growers that have personally utilized and seen significant differences in their operations from the shared insights of Davis Instruments technology and's data analysis. During this webinar both and Davis Instruments will have the opportunity to discuss the lessons we have learned while in collaboration at the Smart Orchard Project! To learn more about our partnership view our Weather Senors Partners blog.

About the Grower:

Rodney Voumard is a native of CA. He is a member of Blue Diamond Growers and Cortez Growers Association (sheller/huller), an Almond Cooperative. He is an active pilot who first soloed in 1978 with experience in commercial flying. Weather has always been a part of his career, both in the air and on the ground!

Hear From Davis Professionals:

Joel O'Comb (Strategic Acount Manager, Masters in Meteriology, Bachelors in Science, Minor in Computer Science)

In working with growers, Joel found the perfect use for a master’s degree in Meteorology: a group he can really help with his knowledge. Joel has been working with farmers for 35 years, especially using his passion for frost forecasting. With a detailed knowledge of Davis Instruments products for the last 12 years, Joel has focused on soil moisture and remote sensor consulting to show farmers how easily and economically Davis Instruments can help.

“It’s a critical layer (data sharing) that the farmer can use in the process of making decisions, but this puts the control over data firmly in the hands of the farmer, which is really the best of both worlds,” -Joel O'Comb

Jessica Quittmeyer graduated with a B.S. in Agricultural Business from Cal Poly Pomona. Her experiences in Avocado sales, wine distribution, and vegetable production led her to Davis Instruments in 2018. With a territory along the coastal regions of the California, she works with growers of all her favorite crops – brussels sprouts, avocados, strawberries and wine grapes, of course!

Sensor's used at Smart Orchard:

The Davis GroWeather micro climate weather station is a customizable station with a wide range of options for growers to measure, monitor, and manage weather data without having to use a PC. These stations were designed to handle extreme weather conditions. The grower will be able to receive their own local forecasts, highs/lows, totals or averages, and graphs for virtually all weather variables up to years in the past. The image to the left shows the entire sensor suite that combines their ability to collect data with the rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, anemometer, UV, and solar radiation sensors to give growers the ability to manage all the weather variables within their orchard or farm on their own.

The EnviroMonitor Gateway and Node sensor delivers data to the grower that they need to constantly manage the key elements of agriculture to keep their crops healthy and their yields high, and save more money. By computing data into a cloud that is easily accessible on a PC or a mobile device, EnviroMonitor will create a system that is unique to the individuals land and crops so that more accurate and informed decisions can be made. Rather than having generalized data based off of certain crops in regions of the country, the EnviroMonitor monitors the changes of the crop growing on the grower's own land.

Topic: Weather Management with Davis Instruments

Webinar Outline: (roughly 45 mins)

  • Introduce, participating companies and affiliates (Davis Instruments)
  • Allow grower to discuss their operations and dilemmas faced within Weather Management
  • Have Davis Instruments discuss their applications to growers dilemmas
  • discuss our correlation to this sensor and how our dashboard compliments the activities
  • Questionnaire for participants
  • Q/A
  • Closing

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