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Meet Emerging Tech @ New Technologies Field Day

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

August 2nd- Sign up- English Field Day

August 3rd- Sign up- Spanish Field Day

3124 N. County Line, Grandview, WA

This years second WA Fruit Smart Orchard Field Day is coming up! This set of days presented in both English & Spanish will be revolved around "New Technologies" where the Smart Orchard Tech providers-, Dynamax, Thingy,IoT, Aker Ag, Ceres Imaging, Arable, CropVue, AEA will start the day off by presenting their tech and orchard findings. Followed by this we have some special guest Ag & Agtech providers for growers, researchers, industry workers, and anyone interested in the field day to learn from. Continue reading to catch a glimpse of these exciting "New Technologies" and more importantly- Join us at the field day for your chance to meet them in person alongside unique in person demos from Nutrien, Guss, & Smart Guided Systems


  • 8:30-8:55am: Sign in, name tags, coffee & pastry in the field

  • 9:00-9:10am: Steve Mantle & Jenny Bolivar- Field Day Introductions

  • 9:10-9:36am: Technology Reps & Introductions

  • 9:36-9:45am: AgAID Interns CapStone Presentations (Mia Hargrave & Josh Bailey)

  • 9:45-9:50am: Booth Orientation

  • 9:50-10:25am: All Participants booth time & networking

  • 10:25-10:30am: Overview, Group Splits for live demos

  • 10:30-11:30am: LIVE DEMOS from GUSS Automation & Smart Apply, Inc.

  • 11:30am-12:00pm: Networking & Refreshment

  • 12:00pm: Closing & Event Teardown

Smart Orchard Tech Providers (Learn More Here):

  • Visualizing Unrealized Potential with yield estimations & soil analysis. Creating a better economic outcome for growers above and below ground, on and off the farm.

  • Dynamax- Sap Flow, Infrared Temperature, Dendrometer, Soil Moisture, & Weather Stations

  • Thingy, IoT- LoRaWAN Connectivity, Micro-Weather Station, Wind, Rain, Soil, & Soil Moisture

  • Ceres Imaging- Precision agriculture insights that grow farm profits—powered by high-resolution aerial data and advanced analytics

  • Arable- In-field weather & plant monitoring system

  • Aker Ag- Drone Imagery with Aker TrueCause™

  • CropVue- pest trap sensor and in canopy weather

  • AEA- Advancing Eco Agriculture works with growers to create customized crop programs, combining their biological and mineral nutrition products with regenerative practices to improve crop quality, yields, and disease and insect resistance while regenerating soil health.

  • PocketiNet- Brings connectivity to the rural location of the Smart Orchard

Guest Companies: Continue reading for more context

  • FieldIn

  • Tree To Scope

  • Tuctronics (aka: AgriNet)

  • Meter Group

  • Hectre

  • PickTrace

  • Wilbur Ellis

  • Chamberlin Agriculture

  • Nutrien Ag Solutions

  • Guss- LIVE DEMO in Orchard

  • Smart Guided Systems- LIVE DEMO in Orchard

  • Soil Tech Wireless



Boosting farm productivity with actionable operations data. Take control over your mechanical operations with real-time visibility. Track your tractor and machinery fleet from anywhere and any device. Uncover new efficiency opportunities. Cover 25% more acres per shift, more accurately. Unlock your farm’s true potential with Fieldin.

  • Digitize Your Farm- Make your farm smart by outfitting every piece of equipment with Fieldin sensors.

  • Data And Insights- Boost your farm’s efficiency, accuracy and productivity, empowering you to cover up to 25% more acres per shift.

  • Driverless Machinery- Apply our LiDAR sensors and retrofit kits to your existing machinery, increasing utilization by 80% and reducing costs by 75%.

  • Decision Engine- Leverage artificial intelligence to optimize your farm’s day to day operation, from your fleet to your overarching infrastructure.

  • Reimagine Your Farm’s Design- Harness the opportunity to redesign every aspect of your farm and reap the full benefits of autonomy and precision.

Tree to Scope

The first and only commercial device that senses the internal water flow of a plant and directly measures its water consumption and real-time irrigation needs without extrapolations based on indirect sensing technologies. Treetoscope© provides direct insight on the plant’s physiology and water consumption, thus impacting the farmers financial results.

  • Help growers save water

  • Manage plant’s stress

  • Increase yield and resilience

  • Improve fruit quality

  • Better plan of harvest windows


Tuctronics' has been engineering telemetry products for agricultural control and monitoring for over 20 years. Tuctronics’ (aka: AgriNET) is a cross-platform application that allows users to access the data solutions created by their unique hardware, as well as third-party hardware. With their app, growers have all the valuable data they need to make decisions in one place, effortlessly accessible via desktop computers, smart phones, and tablets.

They offer a wide variety of control and monitoring products for agriculture, designed to improve efficiency in irrigation management decisions. They also offer tailor-made products to clients-- if their off-the-shelf solutions aren’t perfect for you, let them custom-engineer something that is. Tuctronics manufactures products for soil moisture monitoring, temperature/RH monitoring, valve control, weather stations, flow monitoring, SMS alarming, crop maturity modeling, disease and pest modeling, proportional chemical injection, and custom VFD and pump staging automation.


METER GROUP is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments, software, and services fore us in food production, food quality, pharmaceutical applications, environmental research, crop science and indoor cultivation. Many of their products have been utilized in both Smart Orchard projects and has had the opportunity to conduct several webinars with this company and its affiliates. To learn more visit our Smart Orchard and blog pages.


Hectre creates leading edge, easy to use orchard technologies that deliver value to growers and packers, whether they be small family owned businesses or large scale enterprises. From harvest management, quality control, fruit sizing technology, pest control, workforce and task management, to payroll and data analysis, they make technology work for their customers, reducing time and product wastage, improving productivity and profitability.

  • Streamline Harvest Management

  • Reduce Time Spent On Timesheets and Payroll

  • Increase Your Packout Rates

  • See All Your Orchard Jobs In One Place

  • PRE HARVEST: Gain crop size data for harvest forecasting and early sales

  • POST HARVEST: Improve the pick and make better packhouse and sales decisions


PickTrace makes it easy to track time and productivity, enabling you and your team to feel confidence in your payroll compliance, access real-time labor costing, and make informed decisions.

  • The timekeeping solution that saves you time.

  • One place to keep track of your entire team.

  • Informed decision making from anywhere.

  • Expedited Payroll Calculations & Compliance.

Wilbur Ellis

Wilbur Ellis work's alongside you to generate better solutions in key areas, including water management, resistance management, soil health, o