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Webinars & Agtech Meetups

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More to come!

Stay tuned for additional webinars!

2021_06_03_Scott and Heather.png

More to come!

Stay tuned for additional webinars!

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Addressing Soil Acidity Challenges: Lime & Calcium Remediation in Row Crops

Growers are increasingly facing soil acidification after years of Ammonium Nitrate buildup.  Hear first-hand from independent CCA Trevor Thornton & grower Spokane Hutterian on how they're on track to improve yields by rebalancing their soil & pH levels.


The Swiss Army knife of Digitizing Crop Loads

Joint webinar with, Green Atlas, Enza: T&G Global, & Fruition Horticulture. Take a deeper dive into digitizing crop loads with & Fruition use cases derived from Green Atlas. Hear a grower testimony and their use from our many use cases.


Unlocking Actionable

Soil Data

Learn more about soil stewardship and the innovative SoilOptix® – High Resolution Top Soil Mapping System. Hear personally from a Grower perspective,  SoilOptix specialists, Northwest Agricultural President, & Data Scientist.


Unlocking Yield Potential & More

Learn more about yield & bloom estimations, fruit sizing, fruit color and canopy- height/area/density mapping through the Green Atlas Cartographer. Better understand data driven use cases and hear personally from the creators of the Cartographer alongside Taggares COO, Rachel Noah.


Micro-Climates with Meter Group

Watch this webinar is dedicated to the importance of understanding micro-climates with Meter Group. This webinar discusses the implications of having data around the micro-climates of your orchard or vineyard to better inform management and labor decisions.


Data & AI Agtech Meetup

Watch our second AgTech Meetup to hear an open discussion on ag insights from KPMG, Loftus Labs, and Allan Bros. Better understand how growers can steadily reduce pains around labor, irrigation, chemicals, and weather in one consolidated dashboard.


Connectivity Agtech Meetup

Watch this open discussion dedicated to connectivity. We brought together the same panelists from our Rural Connectivity Webinar and allowed anyone to freely talk to one another about their issues and interests around connectivity. 


Rural Connectivity: Emerging Options for Farms Webinar

Explore the options of connectivity for growers in rural areas such as LoRa, 5G/CBRS, Wifi6, TV white space, and Starlink. Hear personally from a grower that previously struggled with connectivity and how he has taken initiative on his 9,000 acre farm. 

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Tracking Site-Specific Weather with Davis Instruments

Thousands of Davis weather stations are operating around the world and they attest to the importance of having sensors and data collected for weather management purposes in order to inform growers with their day to day decisions.


Soil Moisture and Irrigation Automation with AgriNET

Watch our first webinar with AgriNET, one of our closest partners. Participants joined us in this online event where we'll discussed the importance of monitoring soil moisture and irrigation automation to increase yields and crop health.


Imagery Analysis with Green Atlas

Watch this exciting webinar revolved around a newly formed relationship between and GreenAtlas where we discuss state of the arch imagery analysis that can help inform growers about growth stages, pests, irrigation, and crop yields for apples, nuts, and grapes.


Measuring & Managing Soil Moisture Data

"Some of the best performing farms use our technology"-Sentek. Welcome to's collaborative experience with Sentek, AgriNET, and local growers to discuss how to interpret soil moisture data and adjust irrigation length/duration.


Saving on Chemical Usage with SmartGuided Systems

This webinar discusses how the use of SmartGuided Systems Smart Sprayer allows growers to reduce pesticide use by 47-73%. Learn more on how our company's data integrates with equipment like this to save growers money on chemical usage, labor, and overall saves valuable time!


IoT Agtech Meetup

IoT AgTech Meetup with Ericsson VP & Head of IoT Strategy, Rob Tiffany & Thingy, IoT CEO Scott Waller. Whether you're an expert or new to the space, watch this webinar to learn more. 

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