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WSU Digital Ag-athon 2020

The very first agriculture-centered hackathon at Washington State University!

WSU, Microsoft, & are excited to co-sponsor and announce the D1G1TAL AgATH0N 2020, an agriculture-focused hackathon at Washington State University. The goal of the AgATH0N is to bring together a cross-section of 100+ students to apply their education & learnings to focus on data-driven agriculture scenarios powered by Microsoft Azure and supported by mentors from WSU, Microsoft,, Cascadia Innovation Corridor. During the course of this event, teams will have the opportunity to select from one of three different hackathon scenarios:

1. Grower decision support

Based on field-level sensor data and imagery from the smart orchard

2. Breeder decision support

Phenomics applications based on field level drone imagery

3. Regional-scale decision support

Open source satellite imagery analysis at larger spatial scales


Oct. 1-5, 2020

This is a virtual event with kick-off, tech training, & orientation on the afternoon of October 1, full-day activities on October 2-4, and wrap-up with team demos & award ceremonies on the morning of October 5. Timing will be optimized around Pacific Standard Time.

For Who?


WSU students, postdocs, and researchers from all backgrounds and all campuses. Participant signups are closed, and we have ~ 130 signups assigned to approx 17 teams (more below).


We're actively seeking mentor volunteers that have deep experience on Microsoft Azure, along with data science and/or data engineering expertise. Mentors with agriculture or environmental science background a plus, but not required. You needn't be available the entirety of October 1 - 5, we're looking for folk that can commit to a minimum of 4 hours. Signup links are going out to Coug alums & sustainability groups at Microsoft; if you didn't receive, send a email to for a pointer.


Virtual Event

The WSU AgaTHON will run virtually on Microsoft Teams.


Learn New Skills & Cross-Discipline Collaboration

The cross-discipline group of WSU participants are coming to this event to learn new skills related to cloud computing through the Microsoft Azure platform, and using satellite or drone imagery or sensor data to deliver agriculture-focused insights.

We have diverse participation from over 14 departments across 4 colleges and 5 WSU campuses.


Event Sponsors:

College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

Office of Research Advancement and Partnership

Department of Biological Systems Engineering

Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources



Stay Tuned!

Post-event, will be posting both a newsletter and blog about what the collective group learned throughout the WSU Ag Hackathon. We are thankful for this opportunity to work alongside both Microsoft and Washington State University and can't wait to share the experience with you!


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