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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Taking the necessary measures to serve our farmers.


These are unprecedented times, where every country in the world is turned upside down courtesy of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many community businesses have been shut down and are guiding people to stay in quarantine, and practice social distancing for a duration of time to slow the spread.

Agriculture is of course an essential business; we all need to eat! With farmers still on the move with Spring spray applications, pruning, and monitoring development that means us at are still here to serve you. Our leading edge technology collects & serves up real-time data you can access anytime whether it is weather, soil moisture monitoring, soil temperature, solar radiation, etc to allow you to view from the comfort of your own home during these troubling times.

What We're Up To

Currently at we are taking necessary telework and social distancing precautions to be able to still serve farming communities around the United States with technology to improve farm management practices. It is our goal at to help farmers optimize their management approach during the growing season, especially during these trying times to not only help your pocket book...but to also maintain soil fertility, and ease of data accessibility to help you make those management decisions.


WSU COVID-19 Webinar

Our team had the opportunity to be a presence in a recent COVID-19 webinar conducted by Washington State University (WSU) where hundreds of farmers, growers, and agricultural businesses around the country got together to talk about the effect COVID-19 has had on their businesses and how to withstand these troubling times.

Some companies have started to reopen Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) sign ups, wholesale is slowing down. CSA is a system that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farms.

Other organizations are trying to localize their supply chains in order to get the goods they need to continue operations. Even going into purposeful debt to have the supplies needed has been a tactic strongly considered by many. As a grower it is recommended to use the resources and connections you already have to make sure that your business and the business of others continue to work strong as team.

Consumer Concerns:

For the consumers who are concerned about food safety and getting produce from farmers, know that farms are regulated to take cautious measures while handling and processing produce. Most growers wear gloves and have sanitary stations around the farm as is. To comply even further with regulations and concerns, many growers are taking further precautions such as wearing masks while delivering boxes, expanding hygiene stations around the farm, and making sure that employees continue to wear gloves during operations.


Sustainability Initiatives for businesses:

If you and your business are negatively affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, you can apply for the COVID-19 Disaster Loan Program and many other resources provided by state & federal government.

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If you're an employee and have questions pertaining to COVID-9 related sick leave, unemployment, paid leave, or even need help looking for jobs your state Employment Security Department could help you and your needs.

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